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Visit Stinky K9 Spa at:                                                                                  For consultation, please 

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Mission, B.C.                                                                                        Call/Text: 604-764-5707



Stinky K9 Spa on the map:

Visit Stinky K9 Spa for all your dog's grooming needs . Dogs are pampered during their time in our spa, with natural, organic products and Aromatherapy to help keep everyone calm. We work with the dogs needs to train them to not be fearful, even inviting some owners in to help in the process. 

Get your dog groomed the way you want. Nails cut, pads trimmed, ears cleaned and plucked (by request), sanitary shave (includes: between eyes and at ear opening, groin/belly and an inch around the anus). Brush and/or de-shed, any minor de-matting (<5 min, see below). A thorough bath with anal glands checked, therapeutic shampoo, conditioner/moisturizer or a hot oil treatment, and blow dry. Styling includes body, face, ears, legs, feet and tail trimming . Our stylist will work with you to create the most attractive and appropriate look for your dog, as well as provide advice on maintenance, training or minor health care needs.

Basic Price List: 

These vary on size; toy - extra large

Puppies (=<7mos)                         $15 - $50

Smooth Coat- full groom             $15 - $50

Short Hair- full groom                  $22.50 - $58.75

Double Coat- full groom              $26.25 - $81.25

Long Parted coat- full groom      $25 - $73.25         

These vary on service; nails, bath, brush bath & blow dry, bath & tidy, shave down (upto 3/8"), teddy bear (also known as a daisy. upto 1" on body, scissored legs), all scissored

Toy                                                     $5 - $80

Small                                                  $7 - $87.50

Medium                                             $10 - $103.75

Large                                                  $12 - $121.25

Extra Large                                       $15 - $131.25


 We also do breed specific trims. Please call for pricing.

Add-ons & Extras:

Aggressive; medium                    +$10

Aggressive; high                           +$20

Aggressive; nails only                  +$5

Nail Grinding                                 +$5 - $15

Anal Glands (only)                         $12

De-Shedding                                  $18/30min

De-Matting*                                   $10/15min

*this includes having to shave down the dog, under the mats

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